When Denver police officer Vicki Ferrari appeared on the bodybuilder battle show American Gladiators in 2008, she was hyped as a charming “pitbull” with “a lightning-quick temper.” Those words have come back to haunt Ferrari as she faces allegations of police brutality and the illegal arrest of a citizen (via Westword).

The major questions surrounding the dispute, which occurred at a Grease Monkey on East Colfax Avenue in June 2007, are outlined by the Denver Post: Ferrari had parked her car near the store’s entrance to investigate a stolen license plate, says David Kraus, the shop manager who claims he was battered by Ferrari. He says he politely asked Ferrari to move, but she refused. When he persisted to ask, she allegedly cracked down, arresting him, and charging him with interference and unlawful carrying of a firearm. Both charges were later dismissed. Was Ferrari “totally out of control,” as Kraus alleges, the Post asks, or did Kraus “become irate very quickly,” posing a threat, as Ferrari’s attorney has claimed?

Ferrari went on the defensive Tuesday when attorney David Lane, who is representing Kraus, showed video of her Gladiators appearance in court, writes the Associated Press.