Folks lined up well before dawn outside dozens of stores from Telluride to Denver—where a majority of the licensed sellers are—to buy recreational pot, according to several news outlets. “This is Independence Day for the marijuana community,” Andy Williams, owner of Medicine Man dispensary in Denver, told the New York Times. “People don’t like breaking the law. The burden has been taken off them.”

Under the new state law that went into effect at midnight on January 1, any Colorado resident 21 years old or older can purchase up to an ounce of pot. Out-of-state buyers can purchase a quarter-ounce, but must use it in the state. Any marijuana taken to Denver International Airport—even medical pot—is illegal.

After the first day of sales, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said in a statement that he was “proud of Denver’s responsible and balanced implementation” of recreational marijuana. “Over the past year, our city agencies have worked hard to collaborate with our partners and listen to so many in our community to establish thoughtful regulations. We also focused on educating residents and visitors of those laws. We saw the fruits of that labor today. I want to thank the businesses and consumers alike for acting responsibly and with great accountability today. Denver is a progressive city, a vibrant city, and it’s incumbent on all of us to continue getting this right.”

—Image courtesy of Shutterstock