I took the nickel tour at the new DC10 Lounge tonight, and the spot is shaping up to be first class entertainment at 940 Lincoln St. It’s designed to resemble a DC10 airplane lounge, with a portal entrance, curving booths down one length of the wall, and airplane-shaped “windows” which will display moving skyscapes on flat-screen TVs. Club owner (and DJ) Kostas K told me he wanted a “boutique nightclub” that would rely heavily on its concept to draw crowds into the intimate, 400-capacity space.

Tonight it was definitely still a work in progress, with missing elements everywhere, but come Friday, July 7, flights will begin boarding. And how cute is this — they issued VIP invites in the shape and style of boarding passes for the opening night. I’m guessing the staff will be wearing some sort of sexed-up flight attendant uniforms, and the menu is sure to have all sorts of fun puns. (Wine flights? Exotic destination cocktails?)

The best part of the new lounge — aside from the mod white decor and kitschy theme — is a stage in the rear, which can be completely hidden by a large 22-foot screen. They can lower the screen and project whatever far-flung locale your mind can imagine, or pull it up and offer the stage to live local bands, burlesque shows, and other entertainment. Stand by for the weekly flight itinerary; I’m pretty sure Mondays are live music, Tuesday are ladies’ night, and I’ll scope out the rest. In the meantime, I’ll be boarding my own real-life flight to Washington DC for the 4th of July, but I’ll surely be back in time to catch my connection next week to DC10.