Ward Churchill just can’t catch a break. Monday, he submitted documentation to teh University of Colorado intended to confirm his Indian heritage. Tuesday, the Keetoowah Cherokee Indian tribe denounced Churchill’s assertions as fraudulent.

“The United Keetoowah Band would like to make it clear that Mr. Churchill IS NOT a member of the Keetoowah Band and was only given an honorary ‘associate membership’ in the early 1990s because he could not prove any Cherokee ancestry.” The tribe said that all of Churchill’s “past, present and future claims or assertions of Keetoowah ‘enrollment,’ written or spoken, including but not limited to; biographies, curriculum vitae, lectures, applications for employment, or any other reference not listed herein, are deemed fraudulent by the United Keetoowah Band.”

The Denver Post today has Churchill’s side of the argument, including a description of the video he submitted from the 1994 meeting which he says establishes the tribe’s acceptance of him.

Professor Ward Churchill says an 11-year-old videotape that shows Keetoowah Band Cherokee Indian council members debating his heritage is “crushing evidence” that he is American Indian.