I received a newsletter from Rep. Diana DeGette today. She has been one of the most active members of Congress in recent months opposing the war and promoting funding for stem cell research.

She has co-sponsored two bills to end the war in Iraq — the Tauscher and Obey Bills.

The Tauscher Bill is titled”The Change the Course in Iraq Act” [H.R. 1460]. It commends the troops for their hard work and then proposes:

However, since President Bush’s original authorization to go to war was based on objectives and a rationale that no longer bear any resemblance to the current military operation in Iraq – this legislation revokes the President’s authorization to use military force in Iraq and requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a plan for a phased redeployment of U.S. forces out of Iraq.

….This bill also forces the Iraqi Government to take on a greater role in stabilizing their own country by setting conditions for further U.S. funding for Iraqi security and reconstruction beginning in 2008; this requires the President to certify that the Iraqi’s have met specific benchmarks recommended by the Iraq Study Group [December 31, 2007].

The Obey Bill [H.R. 2451] addresses redeployment of our troops.

It gives the Administration 3 months to plan a safe and orderly redeployment process, and must conclude redeployment of our troops by June 30, 2008;

The bill allows for the orderly transfer of military bases and facilities we have constructed and occupied to the Iraqi forces; Finally, the Obey Bill prohibits the use of any funds to be used to increase our armed services serving in Iraq;

Rep. DeGette’s hard work aimed at getting us out of Iraq is surpassed only by her efforts to fund stem cell research. Never giving up and faced with strong opposition by President Bush who threatened to veto the bill, she was instrumental in getting the House to pass a bill she sponsored in its original version, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act [S. 5.]

A recent Gallup Poll [5/07] showed that nearly 65 percent of the public supports embryonic stem cell research. That is why I am proud to report that the U.S. House of Representatives have again voted to pass legislation I authored and introduced – legislation that will end President Bush’s draconian policy banning federal funds to support this potentially life-saving research.

Whether you agree with Rep. DeGette as I do, or whether you agree with President Bush, one thing is clear. It’s great to have an elected official who works as tirelessly as she does for the interests of those at home who elected her. She’s not running around the country campaigning for a higher office on a narrow platform like someone else in the Colorado Congressional delegation.

What has your Congressperson done for you lately? Is he or she a hard worker who sticks up for constituents? Let us know. We need more of them in Congress.