More of this please! Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette has written a blog post on the progressive blog Square State. In her post, Rep. DeGette outlines the progress made by Democrats in the last session of Congress. She’s also created a You Tube video about it.

To start with the positive, we increased the minimum wage for the first time in over a decade, we slashed student loan interest rates, and we increased fuel efficiency standards for the first time since the 70’s. We also passed new ethics rules and the House is finally operating under PayGo rules (no non-emergency deficit spending). I believe we are making progress on our promise to take America in a new direction.And now to the frustrations. We passed SCHIP, giving health care coverage to every low-income child in America, but the President vetoed it. Twice. We passed my embryonic stem cell research legislation and the President vetoed that too. For the second time in as many years. The House passed a national renewable energy standard, but Senate Republicans stripped it out of the energy bill. We passed a comprehensive immigration reform package but it, too, was blocked by Republicans in the Senate. We voted to end the Iraq war three times, and twice, it didn’t make it through the Senate, and the other time, you guessed it, the president vetoed it.

Our Republican officials are also using You Tube. Check out Tancredo TV, accessible from his website. Same for Rep. Doug Lamborn. But, I couldn’t find any on Rep. Marilyn Musgrave’s site.You Tube and the blogs are a big plus for participatory democracy. It’s never been easier to become informed and get answers about our elected officials and their agendas.