Colorado congresswoman Diana DeGette, co-sponsor of the stem cell research bill vetoed by President Bush yesterday, is down but not out. Even though the House of Representatives yesterday failed to override Bush’s veto, she’s determined to keep up the fight.

DeGette, who has spent five years trying to reverse the administration’s strict limits on embryonic research, accused the president and his backers of distorting her legislation to appease religious conservatives who equate embryonic stem cell research with abortion. “I find that appalling because we are not a theocracy in this country. We are a constitutional democracy,” DeGette argued in her last-ditch attempt to override the president’s veto.

….DeGette expects that in about 30 months, after President Bush is slated to leave office, a new president will reverse his 2001 executive order limiting federal funds for research to only those stem cell lines in existence at the time. But even before the end of the year, DeGette said she intends to attach the measure to must-pass legislation, such as appropriations bills, and force the Senate, which supported the bill, and the White House to face the issue again and again.

As for the failed override vote, here’s how they voted:

  • To support the veto: Republican Reps. Marilyn Musgrave, Bob Beauprez, Tom Tancredo and Joel Hefley.
  • To override the veto: Democratic Reps. John Salazar, Mark Udall and Diana DeGette.