I was just on a blogger conference call with Sean Duffy, National Communications Director for Coloradans for Fairness and Equality, the group behind the Colorado Domestic Partnership Benefits and Responsibilities Act.

Duffy reports that Colorado Rep. Kevin Lundberg, whom he describes as arguably “the most anti-gay member of our general assembly” and Will Perkins, who financially backed Amendment Two, have submitted a proposed constitutional amendment to “ban anything similar to marriage.”

What does “anything similar” to gay marriage mean? Think domestic partnerships. The text of the proposed amendment prohibits the creation or recognition of a “legal status similar to marriage” as defined in the Uniform Marriage Act.

The Coloradans for Marriage group who is behind the gay marriage ban has always said their goal is protecting marriage, not interfering with rights of gay couples. This bill flies in the face of their stated intent. Will they denounce it?

Lundberg’s bill could have enormous consequences for same-sex couples, particularly with respect to their ability to visit partners in the hospital, have a say in a partner’s nursing home care or funeral arrangements, and in matters affecting workman’s compensation benefits.

This is reminicent of Amendment Two, which was a disaster for Colorado’s image and economy.
the Colorado economy. We became the “hate state” and our tourism industry was boycotted. That could happen again with Lundberg’s bill.

Colorado’s legislators should nip this one in the bud.