The Democratic Party makes plenty clear who the favorites are over at the Pepsi Center. State delegations from Illinois (Obama’s state), Delaware (Biden’s), and Colorado (where the DNC is being held) get to sit front and center as the guests of honor. Then, like an 8-year-old assigning seats at their birthday party, the Dems tick off who’s most important. Swing states like Nevada, Virginia, and New Mexico, are the aloof cool kids the Democrats are trying to impress; they get to sit close by. Trouble-making–but all important–states like Florida and Michigan get good seats. Old family friends like New York and California get to sit on the floor, but back a little farther: no need to impress them. Out in the boonies: American Samoa, Kentucky, Puerto Rico, and poor Idaho, which had to trade seats with lil’ old Delaware to make sure Biden’s friends are towards the front. And the worse seats? Why, the press. We can’t even see the podium from our 5280 seats.