While all eyes have been on the early primary and caucus states, the candidates for President are also thinking about Tsunami Tuesday, Feb. 5, when 22 states, including Colorado caucuses or votes.

Barack Obama opened six campaign offices in Colorado last week. Here’s the list

Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to have as many Colorado offices, but her campaign is holding events this week from Larimer County to Douglas Douglas County and calling on some big local names, like Dottie Lamm and Pat Schroeder, to help her out. The campaign will also have a presence in our Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade.

Obama, meanwhile, has gained the endorsement of former U.S. Senator Gary Hart.

DNC Chair Howard Dean says not to expect a nominee by Feb. 5. He thinks the race is so close it will be mid-March:

Speaking to reporters after a meeting of the party’s executive committee, the former Vermont governor and presidential candidate said he expects a tight primary campaign among Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama after the “Super Tuesday” vote on Feb. 5. “I don’t believe that it will be over by Feb. 5 by any stretch of the imagination,” he said.

If you have some questions about the caucus process, or want to know where to go to learn more about the candidates’ positions on issues, leave them in comments and I’ll try to answer.