With the Democratic race for the presidential nomination dominating the news, it’s no surprise there is increased interest in Colorado caucuses this year. To get people familiar with the process, a mock caucus was held at Penrose Library in Colorado Springs today.

Saturday, the Democratic Latino Initiative held a training session and mock caucus to familiarize voters with the process. About a dozen people attended the session at Penrose Library. Although it’s not the same as going to the voting booth to pull levers, explained Initiative chairwoman Jennifer Trujillo-Sanchez, it’s not as complicated as some think.

Among the possible scenarios the caucus holders familiarized voters with:

It was a split – three candidates, three groups of supporters — and the bargaining began. “If you come over here, I’ll make you a delegate to the county convention,” said Steve Haas, calling to the supporters of another candidate. “And if you come over here, I’ll paint your house.”

Unlike Iowa, in Colorado only registered party members can vote in Democratic and Republican caucuses. Party registration ended December 5.If you aren’t sure if you are registered, contact the clerk and recorder for your county. If you are registered, locate your precinct and caucus or go to Colorado Democrats or Colorado Republicans and show up on February 5 to vote.