obama-barackTwo of the biggest moments of Barack Obama’s presidency–at least so far–will be associated with Denver. First came his nomination at the Democratic National Convention. Now comes his signing of the massive $787 billion stimulus bill meant to jump-start the nation’s ailing economy and to extend tax relief. As The Denver Post reports, Obama will take the unusual step of signing the bill on the road at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in City Park, also giving a speech about the economy to an invitation-only crowd. George Sparks, the museum’s director, is excited, supposing the president picked the museum because of its extensive commitment to solar energy. Why Denver? Governor Bill Ritter cites Colorado’s commitment to pursuing “new energy” jobs, according to the Rocky Mountain News. It looks like with this opening presidential visit, Colorado “is going to stay on the radar screen for the entire four years” as a gauge of Obama’s performance, pundit Floyd Cirulli tells 9News.