If you’ve car-shopped recently in Colorado, you’ve likely noticed a change in the auto-dealership landscape: Established shops like Burt’s Chrysler, Iron Mountain, and Lithia, which fell “in the wake of Detroit bankruptcies,” have been outlived by new kids on the dealership block, such as Groove and Go (Denver Post). The shift isn’t going unnoticed at the Denver Auto Show, which is taking up more space than the Ikea planned for Centennial through the weekend at the Colorado Convention Center.

In the spotlight are vehicles that promise to help lower your fuel bill amid skyrocketing gas prices (Denver Post). Some “green” cars take just $1.50 to $3 to run for 40 to 100 miles. Worth a look are the Nissan Leaf, an electric sedan that comes in at $33,000 before tax credits, and the $275,000 Bentley Continental, which boasts a flex-fuel engine but can go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. Despite taking fuels such as ethanol-based E-85, the Bentley gets just 14 miles per gallon. KUNC radio, meanwhile, takes an interest in UQM Technologies, an expanding electric motor company based in Longmont.