There’s something oddly satisfying about watching men shave off their beards—especially when the razor is the result of a bet that lands in your favor.

Before the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots met for the AFC Championship on Sunday, some friendly competition was already brewing off the field. The brave men of the Denver Beer Co. put their beloved facial hair on the line, and challenged the guys over at Sam Adams/Boston Beer Co. to #BetTheBEERd. If Denver lost, the Denver Beer Co. guys had to shorn their faces, and vice versa for Sam Adams and the Patriots.

You’ve got yourself a friendly wager, @denverbeerco. See you Sunday! #OnToDenver #DoYourJob #BetTheBEERd

— Samuel Adams Beer (@SamuelAdamsBeer) January 20, 2016

You know how this story ends. The Broncos won—if only by a hair—meaning that the guys in Boston (which, let us remind you, can get pretty cold) had to buzz off their beards.

@Gillette @SamuelAdamsBeer what a great game! Remember to buy lots of after shave and scarves… #betthebeerd #coldfaces

— Denver Beer Co (@DenverBeerCo) January 24, 2016

The Sam Adams guys were good sports about it, and even recorded the process for Denver fans to enjoy (watch below). Wearing a Patriots cap, beer in hand, Seth Adams introduces himself and the great shave begins. Other guys from the brewery then step up to the challenge—offering one half of their faces at a time. New Englanders may love their beards just as much as Coloradans do, so we have a feeling that this loss stung a little. It’s going to be a long, cold winter for these gentlemen, but hey—at least they look good!

Thanks for playing, Samuel Adams/Boston Brewing Co.! Should Denver Brewing Co. keep the bet going and take on a local brewery in Charlotte?