Despite the recession, Forbes magazine says real estate is on the rebound, writing that “while the actions of big Wall Street funds and global corporations might seem to matter little to families choosing cities and towns in which to live, consumers can learn a lot by following which investing markets heavy hitters are focusing on—and which ones they’re avoiding.” And, the good news for Coloradans is that markets in our state appear to be on the hot list. The Denver-Aurora-Broomfield area is the number eight spot in the nation.

Not only is home buying on the move locally, there’s a hunger for U.S. commercial real estate, and buyers like what’s happening in the Denver area, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers investor survey cited by the Denver Business Journal.

Colorado Springs finishes number six on Forbes’ list, leading The Gazette to boast that the “national media have told scandalous lies about Colorado Springs” as it cut its municipal budget: “Our success should be known to the world. They should select an upbeat and constructive motto to define us. The Gazette suggests ‘Colorado Springs: Freedom to Achieve.'”