The Mile High City is so packed with great restaurants that when friends and family visit, it can be overwhelming trying expose them to the best of Denver’s culinary scene. But now that Denver Central Market (DCM) has arrived at Denver International Airport (DIA)—not to mention the recent opening of Tom’s Urban Kitchen and Brewery inside the airport’s Westin Hotel—your visitors can start their Denver dining tour before they ever leave the terminal. As of yesterday, DCM’s Concourse A location, which features simplified versions of Sushi-Rama, Vero Pizza and Pasta, SK Provisions, and Culture Meat and Cheese, is ready for takeoff.

The space features a 100-seat dining area complete with coffee offerings and a full-service bar. Hurried flyers can take advantage of the space’s grab-and-go feature which stocks freshly-made salads, sandwiches, and more. Sushi-Rama (which is located just down the block from DCM on Larimer Street and owned by Jeff Osaka, who curated the food offerings at the market) is offering eight types of sushi rolls, three nigiri options, and miso soup or edamame (sans conveyor belt). The other three eateries are offering similarly condensed versions of their flagship locations’ wares.

The market pays homage to other vendors at the RiNo location, with images of Izzio Bakery and High Point Creamery gracing tabletops and refrigerators in the DIA space. In addition to these design motifs, the RiNo DCM also lends its hip aesthetic to the DIA outpost: “If you’ve been to Denver Central Market, you [will] feel like you’re walking into a mini version of it [at DIA],” says Sushi-Rama’s culinary director, Jeff Osaka.

DCM DIA is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. in Concourse A.

8500 Peña Blvd.