Watch out, Monarck. Better make room for the Denver Divas tomorrow. Lots of room.

The Denver Divas are really just regular girls — not necessarily evil divas, but perhaps leaning a bit more toward the high-maintenance side of the scale. I joined the fledgling group over a year ago when exactly 12 divas gathered for at a meeting at Lounge. Now there are well over 500 women hip to the diva dialog, and some monthly meetings see more than 100 of us taking over clubs, pool halls, and lounges around town.

Essentially, this is a social group. It’s free, and it does offer some networking opportunities, but the main reason for the Denver Divas to convene is to ensure that heels are kicked up on a regular basis in a room full of gal pals. It’s fun. It’s social. It’s a great way to get the heads up about the hottest salons, spas, bars, restaurants, and boutiques in town. And ideally, you’ll make more than a few new friends. Each person is asked to bring a new diva each month to keep the group growing and the crowd dynamic, so if this sounds interesting, newbies can freely invite themselves.

But sorry, guys. This is ladies’ night out. We will tell you that the Divas meet Tuesday night at Monarck from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. – except for the numerous stragglers who will surely stay to continue the tippling; it’s officially the holidays, you know. What the gents do with that tidbit of information is beyond my control. (wink wink)