Good news, Denver fitness buffs: AllSports Recovery Club, Boulder’s innovative post-workout recovery center, which we explored last January, opened a second location in Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood on August 1.

The high-tech healing apparatus—think compression boots, cold laser therapy, and custom ice baths for aching muscles and circulation issues—is meant to provide high-level personalized muscle and joint recovery of a caliber to which elite athletes are accustomed. AllSports Recovery Club makes sure these services are accessible to the everyone. After all, who says your muscles aren’t as fatigued as an Ironman’s after a really grueling workout? For a monthly fee of $59, you can have access to recovery tools and skilled practitioners (massage and chiropractic) without trekking to Boulder. (The business is undergoing the franchising process and will eventually be called “Fuelary;” the hope is to tap fitness markets similar to Boulder/Denver, like Austin, Texas or San Diego.)

Any other year, we might think, ‘Who needs to be treated like an Olympian? That seems a little over-the-top.’ But after the Games closed on Sunday, we’re feeling inspired to start stepping up our workouts, which means more miles, more strain, more impact…and more need for a little TLC. Apparently, pro cycling’s local Team Garmin has pulled on the NormaTec MVP Compression Boots (pictured here) as part of its daily recovery routine. Looks to us like a pretty awesome way to wind down after an intense training session.

Join the AllSports crew this Friday, August 17, 5 p.m. at the Bannock Street Garage for a grand opening celebration and the chance to hear from elite world champion triathletes and Ironmen Craig Alexander, Mirinda Carfrae, and Tim O’Donnell about the role of recovery and wellness in their 2012 Ironman World Championship preparation.

—Image courtesy of AllSports Recovery Club