Did you know that Denver has nine sister cities around the world? Neither did I, until I looked it up just now. (The joys and wonders of surfing the web are endless, no?) Among them are Chennai, Andaman, and Nicobar Islands in India, and they need our help. KHOW radio hosts Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman will broadcast live from the Denver Press Club Wednesday afternoon for an auction fundraiser for Chennai, where at least 6,000 have been killed by the tsunami. Other KHOW talkers will be on hand to help out, so look for Tom Martino, Peter Boyles and Bob Newman to show their support, and Rocky Mountain News gossip Penny Parker says in her column today that Mayor Hickenlooper is expected to stop by. Editor’s Note: We’ve added links to the American Red Cross and Unicef to the right-hand column on our pages. Click the links and give what you can.