The Denver Post Sunday endorsed Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney. It says Hillary is better prepared for the Presidency than Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is a better executive.

On Hillary:

Measured by her long record in public life and her thoughtful proposals to deal with America’s most pressing problems, The Post believes that candidate is New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Post praises Obama’s “eloquence and vision” but says:

The difference between the two candidates is that Obama’s eloquence is not matched by his achievements in the mere three years he has spent in the U.S. Senate. In contrast, Clinton’s long record in public life shows her well prepared to deal with two of America’s greatest challenges: ending the war in Iraq and solving our health insurance crisis.

There you have it, experience vs. hope.

Clinton is well prepared to oversee a careful disengagement from Iraq and to serve as the military and diplomatic leader of the free world. She served with distinction on the Senate Armed Services Committee, where she mastered the intricate details of national and international security. Obama has no comparable experience on military or diplomatic issues.

The Post would like to see a Hillary-Obama ticket:

Marrying Hillary Clinton’s proven record of performance with Barack Obama’s uplifting vision would truly make history for the Democratic Party — and possibly for America as a whole.

If you agree with the Post, make sure you caucus Tuesday. If you disagree, then Obama needs you to caucus too.

Republicans also are caucusing Tuesday. You can find your Republican caucus site here and Democratic caucus location here. Here’s a quick primer on Colorado caucuses. And don’t be late or you won’t get in.