“Step aside New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles,” writes the national business-news website Portfolio in its annual assessment of cities with the highest quality of life. Cities like Raleigh, North Carolina; Washington, D.C.; Minneapolis-St. Paul; and, yes, Denver, are better places to live. That’s determined based on 20 different factors, including population growth, education level, rate of homeownership, housing affordability, commute times, median household income, and unemployment rates, according to the Denver Business Journal.

Denver ranks sixth for quality of life overall but doesn’t top the list in any of the 20 categories. But there are a few bragging points you can take to the water cooler. Denver ranks fifth for the most houses with nine or more rooms and ninth for the most college graduates.

Bridgeport-Stamford, Connecticut and Salt Lake City also edge out Denver in the overall rankings, and Seattle, Boston, Austin, Texas, and San Jose, California, round out the top 10. At the bottom: Bakersfield, California; Fresno, California; New Orleans; Memphis, Tennessee; Riverside-San Bernardino, California; Miami-Fort Lauderdale; Los Angeles; Dayton, Ohio; Cleveland, and Tampa-St. Petersburg.