Jim Spencer, writing for the Denver Post, alleges a coverup in the Denver Three affair — the matter of the three local activists who were ejected from President Bush’s Social Security event almost three months ago.

Colorado Reps. Dianna DeGette and Mark Udall, and Sen. Ken Salazar, wrote a letter to the Secret Service last Thursday asking for answers.

“It has been nearly three months since three individuals were removed from President Bush’s Social Security town hall in Denver,” Udall, DeGette and Salazar wrote to Secret Service Director M. Ralph Basham. “Each of us has called on the Secret Service to conduct an investigation to determine if the individual who removed these three persons unlawfully posed as an agent or a law enforcement official. Even though the Secret Service has conducted an investigation, the American people still do not have answers.

“It has been reported in the Denver media that the Secret Service knows the identity of the person responsible for removing these three people from the event. The lack of information from the Secret Service and the White House and their unresponsiveness toward this matter gives the appearance of either disinterest or a coverup.”

Spencer concludes:

The continuing silence makes it look like the White House has manipulated the Secret Service into something the agency must never become: A political arm of the president.