As the White House today defended the practice of staffers asking people to leave public presidential events because of the staffer’s belief that they will disrupt it, the Secret Service began it’s backtrack into doublespeak.

Lon Garner, the Secret Service agent in charge in Denver, said he never told the three that the man was “a Republican Party staffer.” Instead, he said the man was “a member of the Republican staff host committee.”

Asked who was on that host committee, Garner declined to say. Rachael Sunbarger, spokeswoman for the Colorado Republican Party, said, “The White House is the host committee.” Sunbarger has said that the tiny staff of the Colorado Republican Party had nothing to do with the March 21 event, or the ouster.

Back to square one. Who is the man who impersonated a Secret Service Agent? Who hired him? Was he paid and by who? Who briefed him on his duties and explained procedures to him? Was he part of the traveling road show or is he a local?

The Secret Service knows. The White House knows. It’s time for us to know too.