Downtown Denver is going upscale. In two weeks, the Embassy Suites at 18th and Curtis will close, and renovations will begin to convert it into a full-fledged Ritz Carleton and the third five-star hotel in Colorado. Denver has long needed a Ritz Carleton or Four Seasons. The Westin and the Brown Palace are nice but they just aren’t in the same league. While a minor quibble, I take issue with this statement:

The Ritz-Carlton will feature the largest single hotel rooms in the country, measuring at about 500 square feet.

A deluxe room at the Four Seasons on 57th Street in New York is 600 square feet and the superior rooms are 50o square feet. If the new downtown Ritz Carleton is anything like the its sister hotel in Avon, the Ritz Carleton at Bachelor Guch , we’ve got a winner on our hands.