Get ready for an increase in the cost of a parking ticket:

Denver Public Works says all Type I parking violations will go up from $20 to $25 beginning October 1. Type I violations include a meter violation, a license plate violation, or breaking the rules for parking in a particular area.

I guess that means if you don’t pay your ticket in 10 days, the cost doubles to $50. Ouch. I don’t mind the cost of the ticket as much as I mind the cost of parking meters. It seems like every time I go to the bank to make a deposit, I’m asking for another roll of quarters. I like the parking key you can fill up with money, but it doesn’t last long and there’s too few places to refill it. Then there’s the increased number of “loading only” meters downtown, the fine for which was $50, last time I checked. I also think parking should be free downtown after 6:00 pm. But, on the whole, parking meters are a lot cheaper than parking lots. Plus, you have the added satisfaction of knowing your money is going to the city, hopefully to do some good for all of us. With a parking lot, the money goes to some company or corporation and benefits no one but the owners or shareholders. Bottom line: As Bob Dylan once sang, “Don’t follow leaders and watch the parking meters.”