The Denver Post reports more than twice the necessary number of signatures have been gathered for a Denver ballot initiative that would legalize possession of small amounts of marijuana for those 21 and older. The Post’s article takes a negative tone, saying passage won’t really matter since state law trumps local law on the issue.

While that’s true, what passage would do is send a strong message.

…if the initiative is successful, it would set a tone for the city and the state, and other cities might model policies after the capital. …”this would demonstrate the people’s opinion and it would also send a message to the city and its police force and its legal body saying that they don’t think this is how their money should be spent (on marijuana enforcement for people 21 years and older).”

Maybe passage would spur the voters on to pass an initiative, as did Seattle voters, to make enforcement of marijuana laws pertaining to small amounts the lowest priority of law enforcement. And if the initiative movement spread to other municipalities across the state, and voters in other localities approved similar measures, perhaps the State Legislature would respond to the will of the people.