It’s time to say goodbye to your “Saturday Night Special.” In a tie vote today, the Colorado Supreme Court let stand a 2004 decision by Denver District Court Judge Joseph Meyer, III, that allowed Denver’s ban against assault weapons to trump state law.

The 3-3 vote, with new Justice Allison Eid abstaining, settled a high-profile fight between Colorado’s largest city and state officials over two state laws enacted in 2003. They pre-empted any local regulation of firearms in favor of uniform state regulation. The city of Denver sued the state, claiming the laws violated its rights as a home-rule city – in effect, its ability to regulate matters of local concern

Since the Justices were split, the Judge Meyer’s ruling controls. Gun rights advocates didn’t lose entirely, however, as another part of Judge Meyer’s ruling was in their favor.

… he said the city cannot regulate the transportation of guns in cars, and said people with state-approved concealed-weapons permits can carry their guns into city parks.