A photo of Laurie Gorham on 9News’ website shows the 27-year-old surrounded by her girlfriends with their hands on her pregnant belly. That was before her worst nightmare came true late last week, when a dark-colored SUV or pick-up truck flew through Central Park Boulevard and East 29th Avenue, running down Gorham. The baby, a boy in its 34th week, was lost, but Gorham is recovering from serious injuries at Denver Health Medical Center. “This has been a tragic situation, and the events of the past few days have been truly overwhelming,” says the family, through a statement (via The Denver Post).

A Denver police officer tells 7News the department has received “a ton” of tips from the public, an indication of outrage, and that investigators have established some “strong leads” in the case. As for the unknown driver, Gorham’s husband, Pete Sherlock, says, “we’d like to pray for you, as well, and hope that you can just turn yourself in and just prevent things like this from happening in the future.”