Update: Denver’s interim mayor, Bill Vidal, issues a press release this morning declaring that he will not run for mayor this year (via the Denver Post).

Add Vincent Macieyovski to the list of Denverites who think they’re up for the daunting job of Denver mayor, writes the Denver Post. Macieyovski, who was listed a few years ago as an employee of the Denver Art Museum, will need to campaign his tail off to edge out the pack. If only Macieyovski, a complete unknown, had the same problem as interim mayor Bill Vidal, who was appointed to the post when John Hickenlooper became governor last month. So far, Vidal isn’t planning to run despite calls from a diverse group of constituents to toss his hat in the ring.

“I have always stated that I wasn’t planning to run,” Vidal clarifies amidst the rumors. “I have not changed my plans…It’s already so late, anyway. Why are people still talking about this?” Hickenlooper provided some insight on Mike Rosen’s radio show, saying Vidal promised not to run for mayor because it would be an “unfair advantage…. He gave me his solemn word [and said] ‘no matter what they say to me, I am not going to run'” (also via the Post). Meanwhile, another blog entry from the Post runs down the mayoral candidates’ January financial reports.