Officials from the Democratic National Committee came to Denver yesterday to evaluate the city as a site for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. In addition to touring convention arenas, they went to Redrocks and the Fort.

Tom McMahon, executive director of the DNC, said, “We need to make sure the city can accommodate roughly 30,000 people, and while we’re here we’re looking at the logistics, the arenas, the security and the accommodations. Those are the big-picture items we have to check.”

Mayor Hickenlooper says no local tax money will be directed to the convention. The estimated $80 million cost will come from federal funds and private donations.

Hickenlooper said he thinks Denver’s chances of getting the convention are good, and he stressed that the city won’t contribute any general-fund dollars to a convention. “I’m putting my reputation on the line. If we’re selected, I’m telling you we will raise the money,” he said.

The DNC folks will now head to Minneapolis, which I think is our biggest competition. If the convention site selection is of interest to you, check out 2008 Democratic Convention Watch, a blog devoted to the topic.