The Wall Street Journal ran a front page story over the weekend about Colorado’s latest public art debate: whether the 32-foot fiberglass blue horse sculpture with glowing red eyes that greets passengers as they drive into Denver International Airport makes the right kind of statement (a hat tip to the Denver Public Relations Blog). Local developer Rachel Hultin began a campaign (as noted in Panorama last month) to rid the city of the horse, which many people say is terrifying, if not demonic, especially to those who have a fear of flying. Following a flurry of local media interest, Hultin garnered about 7,600 supporters to her Facebook group, This morning it counted more than 8,200 members. But “uprooting public art turns out to be quite tricky. Especially a piece as emotionally freighted–and as critically acclaimed–as Mustang,” the Journal writes. Will the debate ever die down? Not anytime soon. The Associated Press has picked up on the story, too.