As the Democratic National Convention begins, local boutiques give plenty of reason to embrace political fashions:

Customize Cherry Creek-based designer Elizabeth Lindsay’s stamped, sterling silver token tags (starting at $25) with the name of your favorite candidate. 3033 E. Third Ave., 303-333-9989 Englewood-based yoga-lifestyle company Be Present launches a feel-good, organic cotton “vote” tank and T-shirt ($27-$35). A sanskrit “OM” replaces the “o” in vote, reminding all wearers to be politically proactive. 877-747-7202 If there were an official shirt for the U.S. Congressional Delegation, it would have to be Rockmount Ranch Wear‘s Western shirt ($80)–a button-down inspired by the city and state flags. 1626 Wazee St., 303-629-7777