Samsung Telecommunications America has picked up on a few taboos in its survey of cell phone habits in Denver, including the fact that some people send text messages while on a date or at church. While most of the results aren’t surprising (46 percent of people, for instance, text while using public transportation), some numbers support the claims of those finger-waggers who say technology is eroding manners, the Denver Business Journal points out. For example, the percentages of people in Denver who text while at: concerts or plays (29 percent); the movies (27 percent); the dinner table (35 percent); on dates (17 percent); in a house of worship (eight percent). About 300 Denver-area cell phone users were surveyed by Kelton Research for Samsung. The survey was also conducted in seven other cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Atlanta. For unknown reasons, Atlanta topped the results in most of the categories, seeming to be text-iest city. There, 15 percent of people admit to texting while in a house of worship, dscriber notes.