Denver police are aging — and retiring — in increasing numbers. Between 2004 and 2007, one-third of the city’s men in blue will retire. Recruiting efforts are underway, and the DPD is adjusting to the changing times.

…the academy is shifting from its traditional lecture format toward training that puts recruits in real-life situations and forces them to figure out how to deal with those problems.

Among the tenets younger recruits don’t comprehend, according to the department’s psychologist:

  • Life is filled with winners and losers, and bad guys are losers. They also are not kind and gentle.
  • How do deal with the “oh sh**” moments of life and work through the fear that accompanies them

Emergency preparedness and first responder training are essential for every police department. Denver is receiving $8.6 million in anti-terror grants from the federal government this year. If there is a terrorist attack using biological or nuclear weapons, my guess is it would qualify as an “oh sh**” moment in life. I hope it’s on the Academy’s agenda.