For decades, native New Yorker Batya Stepelman dressed in all black. Then the former environmental justice lawyer moved to New Orleans, where the city’s vibrancy, music, and culture sparked in Stepelman a love of color. Now living in Congress Park in an 1895 Denver Square, Stepelman has made engaging with color and pattern her business. This past September, she launched Walltawk, a wallpaper boutique and consultancy she runs out of her house. Clients visit the historic home to pore over wallpaper samples and design books—and walk through real rooms (including the living room, pictured here) in which Stepelman has installed her favorite designs. Walltawk specializes in small, independent designers, such as Miss Print, Abnormals Anonymous, and Sian Zeng, who regard wallcoverings as an art medium. “Many people thumb through Architectural Digest for inspiration that’s not achievable,” Stepelman says. “But with wallpaper, you can transform a room in a matter of hours.”