Huh. If this is what a “top model” in D-town gets paid, something is seriously wrong. Tabu nightclub is giving away $100 (and some assorted freebie shwag) to the top male and female wannabe models this Friday night. It’s clearly just a way to get more looky-loos to hang out and suck down overpriced cocktails, but hey, eye candy is eye candy, however you lure them in.

Over at 5 Degrees, the bold and the beautiful are treated a bit better; as part of the lounge’s series of “model appreciation nights,” gals of the modelesque variety can request a free bottle of vodka and mixers tonight, but it’s for models only, please. (The rest of us, presumably, are welcome to come hang out, buy our own drinks, and see if the beautiful-ness rubs off on us.)

Ugh. I know that beauty is a curse and all that crap, but I’d really like to see the clubs digging a little deeper for event night themes. Can’t we have an old-fashioned Stupid People Tricks night for once? I’m pretty sure that most of those free-drinks-for-models deals are totally redundant anyway.

Whatever. I’ll be taking me, myself, and my sour grapes up to swimclub 32 tonight, where they are kicking off a new jazz and jazz fusion scene this evening. Pretty people are certainly welcome, but I’ll be at the bar, wine glass in hand, grooving to the jazz with the just-average folks.