On March 21, 2006, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet ever: “just setting up my twttr.” In the decade since, Twitter has turned into a major news outlet, a supermarket of ideas, and a grassroots advocacy platform. For the most part, Denver has a fierce Twitter game, but there’s inevitably some annoying filler. So in tribute to Twitter’s 10th anniversary, we wanted to honor the 10 essential local tweeters—including three that will prepare you for the political season, no matter which direction you lean—and explain (in 140 characters or fewer, of course) why they require a follow.

Ashlae Warner @OhLadyCakes

@kaleandcaramel My physician tried to put me on a sugar/caffeine/alcohol free diet and I was like HAHAHAH. I’ll keep my parasite, THX.

— Ashlae W. (@ohladycakes) December 12, 2015

The best part isn’t the dessert recipes (which are damn good)—it’s the morsels of charm and humor this food blogger serves daily.

Denver Police @DenverPolice

Hey tweeps, you going out tonight? …We are too. Let’s try NOT to meet up, k? Please #ConsumeResponsibly this #NYE, #Denver.

— Denver Police Dept. (@DenverPolice) December 31, 2015

A mix of serious info about SWAT deployments and Denver’s most wanted, the DPD’s feed isn’t scared to have a little fun with the city it protects.

Kyle Clark @KyleClark

Actual line in #9NEWS story: “Our apologies to anyone who thought they got some bad weed.” https://t.co/ohDlzibVUL pic.twitter.com/7WFOW4eOUF

— Kyle Clark (@KyleClark) January 23, 2016

We don’t follow the 9News anchor’s feed for the news, but rather for his self-deprecating, Ron Burgundy–esque look at local television.

Nicki Jhabvala @NickiJhabvala

Owen Daniels, on that big hit: “Got the wind knocked out of me. Chest hurts a bit. But I’ll be all right. I’m old. Callous. Grizzled.”

— Nicki Jhabvala (@NickiJhabvala) December 29, 2015

The Denver Post’s Broncos/NFL writer might not be flashy, but no one provides better insight into the goings-on at Dove Valley.

Colorado Avalanche @Avalanche

We know yesterday was #NationalHugDay, but we think this still counts. pic.twitter.com/5eyBi5Kx4v

— Colorado Avalanche (@Avalanche) January 23, 2016

The Avalanche cut through the clutter by using off-kilter humor—such as celebrating a win with a GIF of a baby sheep ramming a baby human.

The Creatures @CreatureHub

FedEx finally delivered our giant gummy snake! https://t.co/uVkqYFuzAs

— The Creatures (@CreatureHub) November 16, 2015

This being the Internet, you need to make room for frivolous (but amusing) videos—which are the only kind this online production company makes.

Colorado Pols @coloradopols

Another Republican announces for the U.S. Senate. This is not the same news as yesterday, BTW. https://t.co/wSP0gddJyf #copolitics #copols

— Colorado Pols (@coloradopols) January 20, 2016

This website lists so far left it might fall over, but even GOPers might find its daily Get More Smarter news posts a helpful resource.

Kristen Wyatt @APkristenwyatt

Govt staffer captures my ENTIRE JOURNALISM CAREER in 1 photo. Snoring through a boring meeting in a cheap suit. pic.twitter.com/apskKZvGWk

— Kristen Wyatt (@APkristenwyatt) January 19, 2016

Come for the AP reporter’s daily video recaps of Colorado legislative sessions. Stay for her wonderfully sardonic sense of humor.

The Aspen Institute @AspenInstitute

Here’s your weekly reading list on: student debt, lessons learned from fighting Ebola, and more. https://t.co/eumSNsgTdF

— The Aspen Institute (@AspenInstitute) January 16, 2016

A tad nerdy, sure, but the Aspen nonprofit is an idea factory intent on exploring everything from the military to education.

Dave Kopel @davekopel

UMass students — fed up with professors preaching anti-Americanism — demand ‘intellectual diversity’ https://t.co/f5QfaejI7Y.

— Max Abrahms (@MaxAbrahms) January 25, 2016

The conservative adjunct law professor at the University of Denver provides ammo against gun-control arguments.

(These accounts have a handle on social media. Some don’t. Read them here.)