Millions of people around the country will be tuning in on Sunday to watch the Denver Broncos battle the Carolina Panthers for the Super Bowl title, including several former Broncos. Former running back Terrell Davis has talked about the Broncos’ chances, and former tight end Shannon Sharpe has spent a good amount of time trolling the New England Patriots and their fans in the run up to Sunday’s game.

One former Bronco will probably be watching this weekend with a lot more on his mind. Derek Loville, a former running back, was charged last week for his involvement in an international drug ring. Loville’s role in the operation, according to authorities, was to help distribute the narcotics. The broader operation—dubbed ODOG Enterprise after its alleged ringleader, former University of Southern California athlete Owen “ODOG” Hanson—allegedly included shipping in cocaine from overseas, intimidation, illegal gambling, and money laundering through shell corporations. It’s unclear whether Loville was involved beyond selling drugs in Arizona, where he lives.

Loville made an initial appearance in a Phoenix court on Jan. 27, according to the Arizona Republicand was released on his own recognizance. A woman who answered the phone at the office of Loville’s Phoenix-based attorney, Jeffrey Mehrens, said that Mehrens had no comment on the case.

Loville, 47, racked up nine solid NFL seasons (Seattle: 1990–91; San Francisco: 1993–96; Denver: 1997–99). He was a backup on the 1997 and 1998 Super Bowl rosters and at times helped block for Terrell Davis who, along with John Elway, is perhaps the biggest reason the Broncos earned back-to-back championship rings. Loville is scheduled to appear in federal court in San Diego on Thursday.