“Hot like your mom. Tough like your Dad.” That’s the slogan for Boulder-based accessory company Tivi, and it couldn’t be more right on. Tivi’s simple zebrawood and stainless steel necklaces, and thick resin and aluminum bracelets, say at once chic and strong. Savannah College of Art and Design alumni Ryan Wither and Paul Lewin are the masterminds behind Tivi. The duo, both with degrees in fine art and furniture design, met in San Diego and, after an evening of drinks, walked away with Tivi’s first sketches. Wither and Lewin’s work has caught on internationally, with boutiques as far away as Australia and the Netherlands showing their pieces. Locally, Tivi’s work is available at several smaller stores like Art & Soul and Strut, as well as the Denver Art Museum. Keep an eye out for the duo’s new silkscreen-embossed wooden purses and cuff links, and their soon-to-launch fall handbag line.