In the wake of the shooting deaths earlier this week of Boulder Stove & Flooring owners Sean and Staci Griffin, mourners gathered at the couple’s home in Longmont’s Prospect New Town neighborhood, including Avery Griffin, the couple’s 13-year-old daughter. She was wearing her father’s wedding band on a chain and his Social Distortion band T-shirt. “He cared about me and my mom more than anything,” Avery says, according to Longmont’s Daily Times-Call. The couple and employee Robert Montgomery were found Monday shot to death in the shop. Police suspect that Montgomery killed the Griffins over a change in the store’s commission and bonus policy and then killed himself. The Denver Post profiles Montgomery, reporting that he began selling fireplace equipment after losing a “promising career in computer science to carpal-tunnel syndrome.” Montgomery lived alone, according to the Post, and “the closest thing he had to family in Colorado, apparently, was his cat.” The Griffins were shot several times and police found a Smith & Wesson handgun, which Montgomery bought May 7, in his right hand. One other employee, Matt Rood, was at the shop when the shooting began, in the front of the store with a customer. Both fled the scene.