Brooks Kellogg, a real-estate developer and part-time resident of Steamboat Springs, has been indicted for crimes associated with an alleged murder-for-hire scheme that made headlines recently. The plot has been traced back to e-mails and text messages with a Grand Junction woman claiming to be Kellogg’s mistress. She was allegedly recruited to help kill would-be target Stephen Bunyard, according to the obtained correspondences, which first discuss hurting Bunyard, and then using a “bullet” to “safely get the job done” (via 7News).

Bunyard had been awarded $2.5 million in a lawsuit against Kellogg’s development company, according to Law Week Colorado, which has posted a copy of the indictment online.

Kellogg faces potentially decades in prison after traveling to Denver in October to arrange the hit with a man who turned out to be an undercover FBI agent. The official complaint also points out that Kellogg had other potential hit jobs in mind. He is due in court today, notes 9News.