A dark comedy called Little Miss Sunshine seems to be one of the hottest new breakout films from Sundance this year. (Fox Searchlight snapped it up for over 10 million.) I hear it received glowing reviews and comparisons to Garden State and Napoleon Dynamite, which is all very cool. But the best part of all the buzz?

One of my personal favorite local bands, DeVotchKa, did the film’s score. The band took songs from their most recent releases, How It Ends and Una Volta, and wrote a few brand new tracks as well. This could be huge for DeVotchKa. I’m still in love with the brilliant Garden State soundtrack, and that’s where most of the world finally learned about The Shins. We’ll see what this does for the band, but I’d love to see great things happen to them. Not only because I love their music and they’re a great group of people, but also for the oh-so-valuable bragging rights of seeing a talented local act make a well-deserved big splash in the music biz.

Look for the film next summer, but you don’t have to wait that long to catch DeVotchKa. Make it a date, and go see them at their annual Valentine’s ball at the Boulder Theater on February 10.