Dick Lamm continues to tarnish his image with outrageous comments about immigration and minorities. His latest:

Former Gov. Richard Lamm is under fire for comments in a recent speech and in his new book that Hispanics remain an “underclass” in America because their culture is “not success-producing.”….In the 80-page paperback published in January, Lamm argues that Hispanics and blacks need to take responsibility for their “underperformance” and should adopt the values of the Japanese and Jews.

….”Racism and discrimination clearly still exist, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that the problem of minority underperformance is much broader and more nuanced than can be explained by the impact of racism alone,” he wrote.

Reaction to Lamm’s comments?

Fidel “Butch” Montoya, former Denver manager of safety and a leader of Confianza, a Hispanic clergy group, said he’s “outraged” by Lamm’s comments.

“I couldn’t believe that in this day and age that someone would be so open with a sense of bigotry and extremism,” Montoya said.

Lamm doesn’t seem to mind.

“All great truths begin as heresies,” he added.

Being a heretic does not excuse bigotry. Tolerance is a far better virtue, and one our former governor should have learned long ago.