A handful of patrons at the Red Rock Lounge, a bar on the west side of Colorado Springs, heard a loud boom recently and are still wondering what, exactly, made the memorable sound.

“They thought they were being attacked,” says Karol Sandvig, owner of the bar (via the Gazette).

But don’t blame it on the alcohol. Upon further investigation, Sandvig noticed a four-inch hole in the roof. Firefighters still aren’t sure what happened, but a meteorite hunter from Arizona visited and searched the bar’s roof and ceiling for a piece of space rock, to no avail as of Monday.

As that mystery unfurls, Jeff Peckman, the man who spearheaded the creation of an “extraterrestrial affairs committee” for the 2010 ballot in Denver, is now lobbying President Barack Obama.

He argues, “Americans have been imprisoned for over 60 years behind a ‘Berlin wall’ of oppressive lies and secrecy about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors,” and, echoing President Ronald Reagan’s famous Berlin Wall speech, demands that Obama “‘tear down this wall’ of UFO secrecy” (via Westword).