polis-jaredCount Jared Polis as one guy who apparently isn’t too misty about the Rocky’s closure. In fact, the Boulder congressman (and former online hawker of flowers and greeting cards) might be taking credit for it–at least in part.

“We killed the Rocky Mountain News. Long live new media,” the multi-millionaire said at a Westminster event last weekend, according to the Denver Young Democrats Examiner website.

John Temple, the Rocky’s former editor, publisher, and president, isn’t happy with Polis’ remark, telling The Denver Post,”It’s just anther example of the poor judgment of Jared Polis.”

If Polis isn’t responsible for the Rocky’s death, WhoKilledtheRocky.com offers 412 other suspects (via Westword).

Meanwhile, some worry that without newspapers, opinion mongers, press releases, and spin doctors will replace fact-finding journalists, leaving communities with less credible information. To battle that, one idea that’s gaining serious attention, according to The Associated Press, is converting newspapers into tax-exempt nonprofits supported by large endowments.

So many newspapers around the nation are struggling that the American Society of Newspaper Editors has canceled its annual convention, according to Reuters.

Staff writer Robert Sanchez contributed to this post.