Harvey_GlatmanMore than five decades ago, investigators found the body of a naked and beaten woman along the banks of Boulder Creek, near the falls eight miles west of Boulder. Although she didn’t have a name, authorities never forgot “Jane Doe,” working the case as they were able. Breaks came, leading to an exhumation and DNA testing. Now, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle, who praises the work of investigators, including Detective Steve Ainsworth, confirms the body, found on April 8, 1954, is that of Dorothy Gay Howard. She was 18 when she was reported missing from Phoenix, Arizona, just weeks before her death, writes the Daily Camera. Investigators say they are on track to determine what happened during Dorothy’s last hours. One theory, based thus far on circumstantial evidence, is that serial killer Harvey Glatman, who was executed in California in 1959 for the murders of three women, killed Dorothy, known as “Dot” by her family. An effort is underway to raise funds for a new headstone for Dorothy, who is buried in a Boulder graveyard (via 9News).