The 1987 murder of Peggy Hettrick in Fort Collins was believed to have been solved in 1999–before DNA evidence proved that Timothy Masters, who was put behind bars for the crime, could not have been her killer. Now, experts are considering the possibility that serial killer Scott Kimball was behind Hettrick’s death, which has traces of Kimball’s style, says Dr. Michael Dobersen, who has consulted with investigators (via Fox 31). Hettrick was stabbed and sexually mutilated; part of her breast was removed, along with tissue in her groin. But although “the cases may be similar, there are still many differences as well,” Doberson warns.

Kimball has also been identified as a person of interest in numerous other murders, but he tells 9News that the allegations claiming he killed up to 17 people are false. Still, the news organization reports that a former cell mate of Kimball’s says the killer confessed to numerous murders, including that of Westminster’s Catrina Powell in 2004. “I was not at the Catrina Powell site ever,” claims Kimball, who has admitted to four murders. “I’ve never met her. I’ve never seen her before they showed me a picture of her when they came to the prison to interview me.”

Texas-based author Ed Coet has written a novel, SLK–Serial Killer, inspired by Kimball, his second cousin, which will be released by PublishAmerica in November, notes Westword. Kimball has also been the focus of campaign ads in Colorado’s race for attorney general this year.