There was no parade. No streamers. No speech. Not even a phone call to the press as Scott McInnis formally launched his campaign for governor Tuesday by filing paperwork with Colorado’s secretary of state. McInnis, a Republican and former congressman, was instead in New York and unavailable for comment, leaving his spokesman to explain some kind of campaign hoopla would come at a later time, reports The Associated Press. Significantly, it was the blogs, snarky as they can be, that had the most to say about McInnis, whose muted announcement came in the wake of allegations by Colorado Ethics Watch that he was campaigning illegally. The Colorado Independent wonders if McInnis can even get past Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, who hasn’t even announced whether he’ll run, let alone Governor Bill Ritter. ColoradoPols ponders if it was the ethics concerns that led McInnis to opt out on the chance to “whoop it up as much as possible,” as “smart politicians” are prone to do. The conservative Face the State, meanwhile, characterized Colorado Ethics Watch’s allegations as the group’s “latest attack on a Republican candidate.” The Denver Post notes that for weeks critics have hounded McInnis, arguing that he has campaigned without announcing his candidacy and should disclose his finances.