Jay Cutler has taken over for Jake Plummer not only on the football field, but in the charity arena as well. Cutler and his Jay Cutler Foundation took over the role of host at last night’s Savor the Grape wine tasting and buffet dinner at Morton’s DTC, an annual fundraiser that Plummer used to host.

The highlight of last night’s bash — aside from the piles of Morton’s oysters, jumbo shrimp, chilled salmon, steak sandwiches and bottle after bottle of fine wines for the tasting — was the live auction at the end of the evening. On the auction block: dinner with Cutler plus eight at Morton’s, a Cutler autographed football, and a painting by sports artist Malcolm Farley that was completed on site during the event. Cutler bought the portrait for himself, and the gal who bought the autographed football (for around $12,000) carried “her baby” around for the remainder of the night, even letting us looky-loos hold her precious bundle for a few moments. But the hottest item of the night was dinner with the QB. Two bidders battled it up to $22,000 for the opportunity, when one of them ran up to the podium with a great question. Would Cutler make it TWO dinners at $22,000 each, for $44,000? Cutler graciously agreed, and the night was a clear success.

The money raised through ticket sales, along with the live and silent auction items, will benefit two charities through the Jay Cutler Foundation: the Mile High United Way and the Cameron Ebel Teens Against Violence Foundation.