I popped into The Dish Bistro at 20th and Logan for the first time the other night, and I will certainly be back. It’s one of those cute, cozy, super-friendly-staff kind of neighborhood joints that I love. And they have a nice, well-priced wine list, something that I really love. But the best part? I have found my new absolute favorite wine snack.

I was there for a catch up session with a gal pal. We had already eaten, but wanted something munchable, so we ordered the mussels. Pretty basic, right? The mussels themselves were lovely, cooked in white wine with capers. But the thing that made the dish spectacular was the square of roasted-garlic bread pudding plopped in the center. It was sheer garlicky goodness and soaked up just enough of the wine broth to be deliciously moist but not soggy, and I almost hated having to share it. (I seriously had to fight the urge to nosh the entire thing in two seconds, but that’s neither ladylike nor friendly, so I refrained.) Our server offered a great wine suggestion, and we washed it all down with Pine Ridge’s clean blend of Chenin Blanc and Viognier.

After we polished off our plate, we rolled over to check out the Horseshoe Lounge, the sister bar next door. Proprietor Leigh Jones (formerly of Brasserie Rouge, B-52 Billiards, and the Atomic Cowboy) was at a corner barstool, laughing with all the regulars and making introductions. It’s not exactly in my neighborhood, which is a shame. But any time I’m running around Uptown, I’ll make a point to pop in for a tasty combo of nibbles and neighborhood gossip.